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Couple of scenes here!

Sometimes, when you create items, you get little scenes. This is the scene you get if you create Clear Jelly, because clearly Gust have wondered the same things as me in regards to MP restoring items.

Clear Jelly Alchemy )

This scene takes place in Year 1, Month 9 of Logy's route. New assignment means new costume for Escha! Logy keeps his because I'm too amused by it.
Platonic Option )

Romantic Option )

This takes place in Year 1, Month 10 on Logy's route.
Platonic Option )

Romantic option )
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This scene takes place in Year 1, Month 7 of Logy's route, and features Awin! Insights into childhood! It's very exciting.

From now on for the romantic route I'm not including the stuff before the option. It's the same until you make the choice, and I'm too lazy to upload like 70+ caps per scene.

Platonic Option )

Romantic Option )
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In Atelier Escha and Logy Plus there's a number of new scenes that focus on Escha and Logy and furthering their relationship, whether it's platonic or romantic. The differences are somewhat startling, so I thought I'd collect them all and share!

This takes place in Year 1, Month 5 on Logy's route for Atelier Escha & Logy Plus.

Also my costume choices are the best.

Platonic Option )

Romantic Option )
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So far I like Sophie, but her voice sounds very familiar.  I don't feel that compulsion of urgency that I did in the Arland and Dusk games.  Even Atelier Shallie felt like it had a bit of urgency to it.  What does everyone else think?

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